We have a Participatory Budgeting Project on the ballot! As you may recall from last year we put up the Auditorium as our PB project and won! Well we’re doing it again but this time we hope to win with the PS 147 Playground which is on Bushwick Avenue and Boerum Streets.

Here is the web address where you can vote – https://pbnyc2018.d21.me – just enter in your address and it lets you know if you are in fact a resident of D34. Alternately you can come to the school to vote Wednesday April 11th 7am-9am or 1pm-6pm or Saturday April 14th 11am-6pm.

PS147 is The School for Environmental Engineering and we want a playground that reflects our school’s mission! This is our starting vision… we hope to get more community input when our project wins! BUT in order to win we need your help!

We need volunteers to help go out into the community with ballots in hand in order to gather votes. Please contact us and we will get you the necessary materials and inform you on what to do to help gather votes. You can also volunteer to hang up flyers to inform voters when and where they can vote at PS 147.

We really think this is a project that the kids need and deserve… outdoor classrooms, climbing wall, rainwater collection shed with erosion table, environmental engineering mural, weather station, waterfall station, slate evaporation walls, recycled rubber outdoor flooring, modular play equipment, meet-up spaces like nests and tee-pees, mud kitchens, bug hotels and observation stations and living green walls are just a few ideas we’ve come up with so far!

Let us know what you think and your ideas – but first let’s work together and win this amazing opportunity! Voting started Saturday, April 7th and runs thru Sunday, April 15th. Let’s rock this vote PS147!!!

Thanks for your help!

April 7th-15th, 2018: Voting for Greening Up PS 147’s Playground through Participatory Budgeting
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